Summer Qi Gong (Tai Chi) classes

Join us outdoors on Tuesdays and Thursdays for an invigorating and relaxing beginning of your day. Feel the earth beneath your feet, its energy moving through your body. Feel the energy from the universe also moving through you body. The sessions are comprised of a series of slow movements coordinated with deep slow breathing, designed to build energy, strengthen the immune system, quiet the chatter of the mind bringing one to a place of deeper ease. These movement sequences can be accomplished regardless of physical condition or medical issues. They can be accomplished sitting if necessary. This 4000 year old practice was designed to achieve good health and well being, healing of mental and physical issues and achieving higher levels of mental and spiritual being.

Please join us at 9:00AM Tuesdays at Regional Park, River front BBQ area and 10:00 AM , Thursdays at the Senior Services Center near the Rodeo grounds. For additional information call or email Rolf Godon at 530-587-2557,

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