Four for Fore!

4 tips for Golf Fitness

lf it takes is one weekend watching PGA Tour pros routinely bomb it 350 yards down the fairway to understand that golfers, especially at the elite level, have become "golfer athletes," better known as “Golfletes.” Sure, you can point to Jack Nicklaus who, in the day, rocked a little paunch on the course, just as you can point to Babe Ruth who put his weight behind some heavy hitting on the diamond, but just as athletic gear keeps improving – so do athletes.  Who knows how far John Daly and Craig – “The Walrus” – Stadler would have gone if they had adopted some sort of fitness regime.  Bottom line: Better bodies make better golfers.


In February, right before the Truckee-Donner Recreation and Park District’s Ponderosa Golf Course re-opened for this season, our Fitness Center, upstairs at the Community Recreation Center, started getting an influx of golfers getting ready for their T-time. Our fitness staff, trainers and members recommend using the Fitness Center equipment which focuses on these fab’ four:


1.) Improved flexibility, so you can make a fluid golf swing.

One corner area of our Fitness Center is devoted to serious stretching.  We have two amazing pieces of equipment from the Selflex System; one to work posterior muscles groups of the spine and lower extremity/pelvic region; the other, Anterior, stretching the hip flexor muscle, both single and multiple joints.   These machines, though somewhat Tower of London in appearance, are an uncommon find in most gyms and people have actually joined the TDRPD Fitness Center strictly to improve his or her flexibility due to our Selflex System equipment.


2.) Body strength and more stability, so you can make a powerful golf swing while keeping your balance.

One half of our indoor track is lined with nautilus equipment targeting ever muscle group.  There are also free weights to build upper body strength.  Talk to the Fitness Center staff to set up a work-out program for your individual needs.  This service is free of charge.  


3.) Low impact on your joints and soft tissue.

Look to our rowing machine, Technogym Arm Peddle machine, Ellipticals and free weights for maximum workout with minimum impact.  Again, talk to one of our trained professionals on staff --  all athletes, and all  there for you. 


4.) Stamina

We have the only indoor track in Nevada County.  Need I say more?  Think I will.  It has a service designed for hard running or fast walking, very kind to knees.  It is open seven days a week, even in the heaviest snow storms.  You need never miss a day of running or walking.  We also have bikes and treadmills so you can set the pace progressively more challenging as you get more fit.  Great way to mix it up and, hey!, read a book or watch your favorite Netflix show while getting in shape.

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