The Charles Fayette McGlashan Butterfly Collection is now on display at the Truckee Donner Recreation & Park District’s Community Recreation Center here in Truckee. The collection was moved here from the Donner Memorial State Park's Emigrant Trail Museum in April 2015 when the new Donner Memorial Park State Park Visitors Center was erected. The collection had been housed in the Nevada City courthouse for 61 years, and before that it was moved from the Rocking Stone Tower in 1935. Thanks to the efforts of the McGlashan family, the Truckee-Donner Historical Society, California State Parks, and John Y. Wakefield, a reputable entomologist who credited Ximena for his professional success, together they successfully managed to bring the collection back home to Truckee. .

While watching her father C.F. McGlashan explain to a younger grandchild how to catch a butterfly, young Ximena McGlashan was fascinated. Although she was trained as a teacher, and initially thought butterfly collecting could be useful in her instruction of school children, she soon discovered that she loved the entire butterfly enterprise and found a way to farm butterflies into a marketable business. She is sometimes referred as the "Butterfly Princess" and with her father, assembled a collection of over 20,000 butterfly specimens.

Ximena studied lepidopterology, the study of butterflies and moths, developed her own business including a correspondence course in entomology, and was the first professional "butterfly farmer" in the United States. Her own stationery was imprinted "Butterfly Farm, Truckee, California." Ximena's attention to detail and hard work led her to be successful in her endeavor. Miss McGlashan received hundreds of letters from other young women who likewise wanted to become 'Butterfly Princesses' too. Ximena also published a monthly magazine for amateur entomologists in 1913-14 known as The Butterfly Farmer. Copies of these publications, Ximena's business letterhead, and other related ephemera are available for viewing at the Joseph Research Library, Truckee-Donner Historical Society.

Sources: * The Butterfly Farmer, by Ximena McGlashan, Publisher & Proprietor, Truckee, CA, 1913-14 * May 17, 1914 column in the New York Times on Butterfly Farming * April 16, 1915 handwritten letter from Ximena McGlashan to Fay Northcott * Sacramento Bee, The (CA) - METRO Final, p. B5, Tuesday, December 18, 2001

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