Policy Manual

Policy Handbook Introduction


Purpose of Board Policies

Adoption Amendment of Policies

Conflict of Interest Code

Public Complaints

Use and Purpose of District Facilities

Organizational Chart

Naming or Re-naming of Park and Recreation Facilities

Executive Officer

Classification of Employees

Employee Training Period - Probation

Hours of Work Overtime and Reporting Time Pay



Sick Leave

General Leave and Health Stipend for Part Time

Jury Duty and Military Differential

Job Related Injury

Return to Work Agreement

Vehicle Cost Reimbursement

Health Welfare Retirement

Educational Assistance

Meetings and Conferences

Uniforms and Protective Clothing

Employee Equipment and Tool Policy

Pay Periods

Compensation for Permanent Employees

Authorized Leave

Unauthorized Voluntary Absence

Performance Evaluation

Personnel File

Layoff Demotion

Employee Discipline

Employee Suspension or Termination Procedure

Grievance Procedure

Grievance Form

Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Unlawful Harassment

Unlawful Harassment Form

Equal Opportunity Employer


Outside Employment

Pre-Employment Physical Examination

Pre-Employment Documentation Fingerprinting Background

Added Benefits for TDRPD Employees

Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy FMLA CFRA

Employee Driver Acceptability

Compensation for PT Seasonal and PTB Employees

Administrative Leave

Employee Meal Periods and Breaks

Smartphone Usage and Network Access

Partnership Agreement and Recognition

Scholarship Program


Financial Controls

Budget Preparation

Expense Authorization

Records Retention

Registration Cancellation Refund Transfer Policy

Board Powers and Duties

Code of Ethics - Board

Attendance at Board Meetings

Remuneration and Reimbursement - Board

Board Chair

Members of the Board of Directors

Committees of the Board of Directors

Basis of Authority - Board

Training Education and Conferences - Board

Board Meetings

Board Meeting Agenda

Board Meeting Conduct

Board Actions and Decisions

Review of Administrative Decisions

Minutes of Board Meetings