Skate Park

Truckee Skate Park
Truckee Skate Park
Kick the daily grind at the Truckee Skate Park 

One of our busiest facilities, the skatepark, is offered free to residents and visitors! It's located in Regional Park next to Brockway Rd, near the large ballfield. The skatepark can be rented out for private parties or competitions. Click here for fees to rent out the Skate Park.


No Bikes at the Skate Park. Please visit the Truckee Bike Park for biking use.


If you're looking to learn and improve your skills in the park, check out Stomp Sessions.  Stomp Summer Skate Camp uses a progression-based skill roadmap to help beginners learn the foundations of skateboarding, intermediate skaters progress their ollies, flips tricks and rails and advanced skaters take their skills to new levels with airs, ledges, and flip trick combos.

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Truckee Skate Park Expansion

We are in the process of expanding the Truckee Skate Park! Support and learn more information at





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Quick #skatesesh at #Truckee #skatepark today. Time for me to get my skating back on.

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Quarter pipe to the bank at Truckee skatepark @barely_counts #greasyskateco

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Truckee River Regional Park Ballfields
Truckee River Regional Park Ballfields