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Truckee Adult Fitness Programs
Truckee Adult Fitness Programs



Instructor: Sally Jones & Kahlil Johnson

Instructor: Sally Jones

Aikido is a non-aggressive, non-competitive Martial Art that teaches new ways of responding to ‘being attacked’. Aikido focuses on how to create harmony and cooperation. Beginner class is a gentle introduction to the practice. You do not need any experience.


Ages: 18+            Location: Veterans Building

Dates        Days        Time                                

Ongoing        Thu. & Sun.    6pm-7:30pm



Instructor: Raeleigh Harris

Have you ever wanted to do a triathlon but didn’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve raced one or two and have learnt how not to do it? Perhaps you want a physical challenge this summer and need some help achieving it! Incorporating classroom theory plus discipline specific practicum; join World Champion and professional Triathlon Coach Raeleigh Harris on a 12 week physical and mental journey. Students need to bring to class workout gear, swim attire, goggles, and running shoes and should own a bike.

Ages 16-80        Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates        Days    Time                     

#11579           5/28-7/9    Tue.    5:30pm-7pm


Zumba Mornings


Heather Rose-Ford

Come join the calorie burning dance party, where Latin and world rhythms meet. A total workout combines all elements of fitness.

Ages 18+        Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates        Days    Time                                

#11457           6/3-6/24    Mon.    7:45am-8:45am    

#11458           9/9-9/30    Mon.    7:45am-8:45am    

#11458           10/7-10/28    Mon.    7:45am-8:45am    


Zumba Summer

Instructor: Francy Crowley

Zumba is a fitness program that combines Latin and International music with dance moves. Zumba routines incorporate interval training-- alternating fast and slow rhythms-- and resistance training. Join us for a fun and fitness filled time! Meets twice weekly.

Ages 16+        Location: Community Recreation Center

Online Code    Dates                  Days    Time                         

#11787           7/8-7/31          Mon. & Wed.    5:30pm-6:30pm  

#11788           8/5-8/28        Mon. & Wed.     5:30pm-6:30pm 



Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…fast. It’s a calorie-torching, hip swiveling, dance party with a hot play list to distract you from the burn.

Ages: 18+

Location: Community Recreation Center  

Dates             Days                  Time

Ongoing         Mon.-Sat.          9am-10am


QI GONG - TAI CHI for Adults

Instructor: Rolf Godon

Qi Gong is an ancient Asian practice designed to help practitioners achieve optimal health and well-being. It encompasses series of slow structured movements coordinated with deep breathing. As we practice we increasingly connect with the energy of our body/mind/spirit and direct it toward unrestricted flow through our body, thus healing and strengthening occurs. Our immune system is enhanced; we have increased range of motion in our joints; stress and anxiety diminish and we experience a sense of easeful energized being. Through mindful breathing, movement, balance and focus we achieve our goals. This practice is very gentle and can be accomplished regardless of our physical state. Students can and do the practice while seated, if necessary.

Ages: 13-Adults        Location: Community Recreation Center

            then Lower River BBQ during summer

Dates                  Days                  Time                                   

Ongoing             Tues.                  9am-10:30am    


Body Sculpture & CORE Stability

Ages: 18+        

Location: Community Recreation Center

BODY SCULPTURE: Low impact aerobics with weights. This class focuses on toning the entire body to enhance your daily activities.

Dates             Days              Time

Ongoing         M., W., F.       7am-8:15am

CORE STABILITY BALL: Incorporate a stability ball into your fitness or sports training program to activate and strengthen those hard-to-reach muscles often overlooked in normal training. Bring your own ball!

Dates             Days              Time

Ongoing         T. & Th.         7am-8:15am


Personal Training

Instructor: Gavin Debus

Gavin Debus has been a personal trainer/life coach for the past 22 years. In that time, he has provided individuals with over 18,000 personal training sessions. Gavin specializes in a functional training style, which consists of nonstop 30 or 60-minute workouts with full body movements mixed with cardio, core exercises, and balance. The goal of his functional training style is to ensure maximum results in the shortest amount of time. He also specializes in couples and partner workouts that keeps the cost down for tandem workouts. He also assists clients with grocery shopping and provides cooking lessons to ensure that his clients are properly educated about shopping and eating properly and are able to be successful in these areas. 

Ages: 17+        

Location: Community Recreation Center

Dates                Days            Time      

Ongoing            M. W. Th.    1pm-5:30pm

Times and prices vary. Please contact Gavin directly to set-up your new client appointment at