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The Spring Egg Hunt is a time-honored tradition in Truckee, California, and has been a highlight of the spring season for generations. The event is free to attend, and all children are welcome to participate in the egg hunt. The day begins with the arrival of the Easter Bunny at 11am, who greets children and takes photos with families at Regional Park. At 11:30am sharp, the egg hunt begins. Thousands of eggs are hidden throughout the park, and children race to collect as many as they can. Check out the flier below for additional information.


This year, the Egg Hunt will be on top of feet of snow due to the record year we’ve had in Truckee. That won't stop the kids from trudging through to get as many eggs as they can. A welcome addition to the day is the Egg Dive, which is a fun indoor event added after the Truckee Community Pool was built. The Spring Egg Hunt was originally a whole day outdoor event, but with years of snow and colder weather, the shorter outdoor hunt paired with the indoor Egg Dive has been adopted as the optimal fun filled day.