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Inspiring Creative, Active Lives for a Healthy Mountain Community

TDRPD has been providing recreation and park services since 1963.  The District philosophy is to provide recreation and park programs and facilities for everyone in the community.  Research data shows that 75% of our 17,000 population is involved with a District program or uses a facility every year.  The District has a history of working with citizen groups to generate volunteers and funding for new facilities.

Financial Statements

District Map

TDRPD has been progressive and creative in its development of facilities



  • Truckee Regional Park Lighting and Field Alignment Project - $1,000,000 for new start of the art lighting and fields realigned to accommodate all field sports - Park Bond Act grant of $180,000
  • Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe builds a downtown park at Community Art Center with donated funds of $800,000. District receives $52,000 grant from Nevada County for the project

Community Arts Center Park

  • Tahoe Food Hub donates and installs a Growing Dome at Regional Park


  • Land lease with Sierra Nevada Children’s Museum to build children’s museum at Regional Park 
  • Land lease with Friends of the Library to build a library at Regional Park
  • Phase 6 of Truckee Bike Park completed with community donations of $75,000
  • Received grant of $396,000 from the State of California for covid relief
  • Received $1.7 million grant from California Boating & Waterways for Donner Lake Boat Ramp Renovations
  • Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe builds a downtown park at Community Art Center


  • Ponderosa Golf Course Irrigation project.  Grant from Truckee Tahoe Airport District for $1,000,000 and a grant from Truckee Donner Public Utility District for $227,000

Ponderosa Irrigation Project

  • Received grant from Back Country Alliance for parking improvements to West End Beach to utilize during winter months.
  • Received $150,000 grant from California Arts Commission for Forest/Fire art exhibit


  •  Recreation area master plan for Regional Park completed


  • Phase 5 of Truckee Bike Park completed - $100,000 project with donated community funds
  • Tahoe Pyramid Bike way Project - $1,000,000 State of California Grant 


  • TDRPD wins CARPD Award for Best Recreation & Park District in California   
  • We are currently working with a citizen group to build a new skate park. To-date the group has raised $100,000+ for the project, see more information here about the proposed Rocker Memorial Skatepark.
  • Currently working with a citizen group to complete Phase 5 of the Truckee Bike Park (at $100,000) with hopes to increase the estimated 45,000 visitations per year


  • The district received $2.1 million grant from the State of California for the next phase of the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. Construction to begin in 2017
  • Completed and opened the Truckee Community Swimming Pool, a 26,000 sq.ft facility that includes a recreation pool and competition lap pool ($9.2 million total)

Rec Pool

  • Received $50,000 grant from the Truckee Rotary Community Foundation to install new HVAC systems at our Community Arts Center
  • Refinanced District Certificates of Participation for a savings of $165,000 per year and $3.5 million total over the life of the bond


  • District raised $1.9 million from community donations to build the Community Swimming Pool
  • Truckee Professional Rodeo donated funds to install a sponsor’s deck at the Rodeo Arena ($25,000 total cost)
  • District completed a section of the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway from Farad to Puny Dip at a cost of $634,000 with a State of California grant for $425,000 and $209,000 donation from the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway Foundation
  • Phase 4 of the Truckee Bike Park was completed with volunteer labor and community donations at the cost of $100,000


  • Renovated our former recreation center into a Performing Arts venue with District funds of $200,000 and community donations of $100,000 in services, material, and labor
  • Working with the Truckee Donner Railroad Society, a miniature riding train was installed at Truckee River Regional Park that's given over 6,000 rides free-of-charge


  • Phase 3 of the Truckee Bike Park was completed entirely with volunteer labor and community donations at the cost of $90,000
  • In conjunction with and funded by the Truckee Public Art Committee, artistic bike racks were installed at various parks


  • Constructed the second phase of Truckee Bicycle Pump Track with volunteer labor and community donations with material costs at $60,000 in addition to a District contribution of $15,000


  • Constructed one-acre Truckee Bicycle Pump Track (to compliment current BMX track) entirely with volunteer labor and community donations with material costs at $50,000 along with a District contribution of $15,000


  • Created a volunteer Public Art Commission which creates public art displays at the Community Recreation Center showcasing adult and youth art every quarter



  • The district received Best Recreation & Park District in the State of California from the California Association of Recreation & Park Districts


  • Constructed 40,000 sq.ft. Community Recreation Center at $7 million under budget
  • The new facility includes a two-court gymnasium, indoor running track, exercise equipment, two climbing walls (top-rope and bouldering), preschool/afterschool rooms, dance/exercise rooms, community classrooms, meeting spaces, pro kitchen facilities, District offices, community art displays, various seating areas, and fireplaces.

Community Recreation Center

  • Funded with grants ($785,000), developer fees, donations ($130,300), and certificates of participation, the new Community Recreation Center won the CARPD Award for the Best New Facility in the State of California


  • Town of Truckee, Truckee Airport District, and Truckee Donner Land Trust purchased a local private golf course and donated it to TDRPD at the cost of $3.6 million
  • Ponderosa Golf Course is now operated by TDRPD and opens to the public at reduced rates


  • Received grants and donations to establish a sailing program for youth and adults ($31,000)
  • Received grant ($65,000) for Legacy Trail


  • Received California Energy Commission grant of $20,000 for energy saving measures


  • Completed renovation of Community Pool at Truckee High School
  • Bocce ball courts installed at River View Sports Park


  • Worked with Truckee Donner Public Utility District to construct a Biomass demonstration building (alternative energy heat source burning wood chips) paid by the utility district at the cost of $250,000, then re-purposed as the TDRPD mechanic's shop


  • District negotiated with a developer for the donation of a 14-acre parcel for the location of the new community center at a value of $3,000,000
  • The district received CARPD Award for the Best Recreation & Park District in the State of California


  • Completed Phase 2 of River View Sports Park including two sports fields, bathroom, picnic shelter, parking, playground equipment, and a BMX track
  • Funded by a loan ($2,000,000 at 2.9%) from the CIEDB and a $490,000 grant from the State Park Bond Act of 2000
  • The District received the CARPD Award for the Best New Facility in the State of California for the River View Sports Park

Riverview Overview


  • Completed Phase 1 construction of two fields at River View Sports Park, funded entirely by mitigation fees and with land donated by Sanitation Agency on a long term lease (valued at $1,000,000)
  • Partnered with Children’s Museum to build an interactive museum and indoor playground ($400,000 from grants and donations)


  • District staff built an outdoor ice rink with refrigeration equipment, dasher boards, and flooring purchased from other closed ice rinks (saving $100,000 in startup costs)


  • Built a handicap-accessible fishing pier ($131,000) with a grant from Fish and Game, providing the only handicap-accessible fishing pier in Reno/Tahoe region


  • Built only the second park district-owned skate park in California by negotiating with a contractor to save $100,000

Skate Park

TDRPD provides varied Recreation Programs for all ages in the community as shown below:


  • Youth Sports for grades 1-12, including basketball, girls softball, ice hockey, lacrosse, flag football, golf, sports camps, triathlon, track, downhill, and sailing
  • Adult sports including softball, basketball, volleyball, disc golf, golf, tennis, soccer, indoor soccer, rock climbing, pickleball, ping pong, bocce ball, women and men’s ice hockey, broomball
  • Teen programs including dances, classes, trips, sports, camps.
  • Preschool and afterschool programs, camps, trips.
  • Family programs including concerts (our free weekly summer concerts attract an average of 1500 people per show). special events (Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Parade, ski swap, Big Truck Day, July 4th (attracting 5,000 people)
  • Aquatic programs including swim lessons for children in Truckee through the schools, private lessons, special events, lap swimming, recreation swimming, exercise and scuba classes, birthday parties
  • Fifty contract classes including exercise classes, art, crafts, ceramics, , music, investment, life coaching, dance, acting, yoga, martial arts, foreign language, wellness, puppy & dog training, gardening, ice skating lessons, etc.
  • Adult and Youth Theater
  • Special needs population classes including ceramics, exercise, water aerobics.

TDRPD has been on the cutting edge of new innovations, programs and facilities for many years.  

We realize that there is more to recreation than traditional programming.  The District continues to develop programs and facilities to meet the changing needs of our community.  We have a dedicated staff that always gives the extra effort and searches for ways to make new ideas happen, as seen by our accomplishments above.  People continually comment on how the District is the best part of our community and that they are amazed at all the offerings and facilities we provide. We offer programs and facilities that equal communities many times our size, because of our creative funding, volunteer efforts, and complete dedication to providing quality recreation opportunities for Truckee.