About Us

Inspiring Creative, Active Lives for a Healthy Mountain Community

The Truckee-Donner Recreation and Park District is a special district of Nevada County in the Sierra Nevada mountains of California. The TDRPD has been providing recreation and park services for all members of our community since 1963 with a program participation rate of 75% among Truckee’s 17,000 residents.

TDRPD has a history of working with citizen groups to generate volunteers and funding for new facilities.

Financial Statements

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  • The district received $2.1 million grant from the State of California for the next phase of the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway. Construction to begin in 2017
  • Completed and opened the Truckee Community Swimming Pool, a 26,000 sq.ft facility that includes a recreation pool and competition lap pool ($9.2 million total)
  • Received $50,000 grant from the Truckee Rotary Community Foundation to install new HVAC systems at our Community Arts Center
  • Refinanced District Certificates of Participation for a savings of $165,000 per year and $3.5 million total over the life of the bond


  • District raised $1.9 million from community donations to build the Community Swimming Pool
  • Truckee Professional Rodeo donated funds to install a sponsor’s deck at the Rodeo Arena ($25,000 total cost)
  • District completed a section of the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway from Farad to Puny Dip at a cost of $634,000 with a State of California grant for $425,000 and $209,000 donation from the Tahoe Pyramid Bikeway Foundation
  • Phase 4 of the Truckee Bike Park was completed with volunteer labor and community donations at the cost of $100,000


  • Renovated our former recreation center into a Performing Arts venue with District funds of $200,000 and community donations of $100,000 in services, material, and labor
  • Working with the Truckee Donner Railroad Society, a miniature riding train was installed at Truckee River Regional Park that's given over 6,000 rides free-of-charge
  • Phase 3 of the Truckee Bike Park was completed entirely with volunteer labor and community donations at the cost of $90,000
  • In conjunction with and funded by the Truckee Public Art Committee, artistic bike racks were installed at various parks


  • Constructed the second phase of Truckee Bicycle Pump Track with volunteer labor and community donations with material costs at $60,000 in addition to a District contribution of $15,000


  • Constructed one-acre Truckee Bicycle Pump Track (to compliment current BMX track) entirely with volunteer labor and community donations with material costs at $50,000 along with a District contribution of $15,000


  • Created a volunteer Public Art Commission which creates public art displays at the Community Recreation Center showcasing adult and youth art every quarter


  • The district received Best Recreation & Park District in the State of California from the California Association of Recreation & Park Districts


  • Constructed 40,000 sq.ft. Community Recreation Center at $7 million under budget
  • The new facility includes a two-court gymnasium, indoor running track, exercise equipment, two climbing walls (top-rope and bouldering), preschool/afterschool rooms, dance/exercise rooms, community classrooms, meeting spaces, pro kitchen facilities, District offices, community art displays, various seating areas, and fireplaces.
  • Funded with grants ($785,000), developer fees, donations ($130,300), and certificates of participation, the new Community Recreation Center won the CARPD Award for the Best New Facility in the State of California


  • Town of Truckee, Truckee Airport District, and Truckee Donner Land Trust purchased a local private golf course and donated it to TDRPD at the cost of $3.6 million
  • Ponderosa Golf Course is now operated by TDRPD and opens to the public at reduced rates


  • Received grants and donations to establish a sailing program for youth and adults ($31,000)
  • Received grant ($65,000) for Legacy Trail


  • Received California Energy Commission grant of $20,000 for energy saving measures


  • Completed renovation of Community Pool at Truckee High School
  • Bocce ball courts installed at River View Sports Park
  • Worked with Truckee Donner Public Utility District to construct a Biomass demonstration building (alternative energy heat source burning wood chips) paid by the utility district at the cost of $250,000, then re-purposed as the TDRPD mechanic's shop


  • District negotiated with a developer for the donation of a 14-acre parcel for the location of the new community center at a value of $3,000,000
  • The district received CARPD Award for the Best Recreation & Park District in the State of California


  • Completed Phase 2 of River View Sports Park including two sports fields, bathroom, picnic shelter, parking, playground equipment, and a BMX track
  • Funded by a loan ($2,000,000 at 2.9%) from the CIEDB and a $490,000 grant from the State Park Bond Act of 2000
  • The District received the CARPD Award for the Best New Facility in the State of California for the River View Sports Park


  • Completed Phase 1 construction of two fields at River View Sports Park, funded entirely by mitigation fees and with land donated by Sanitation Agency on a long term lease (valued at $1,000,000)
  • Partnered with Children’s Museum to build an interactive museum and indoor playground ($400,000 from grants and donations)


  • District staff built an outdoor ice rink with refrigeration equipment, dasher boards, and flooring purchased from other closed ice rinks (saving $100,000 in startup costs)


  • Built a handicap-accessible fishing pier ($131,000) with a grant from Fish and Game, providing the only handicap-accessible fishing pier in Reno/Tahoe region


  • Built only the second park district-owned skate park in California by negotiating with a contractor to save $100,000