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Oct 07

Ski Swap, Big Truck Day, Halloween Parade...Oh My

Posted on October 7, 2019 at 12:43 PM by Kyle Jost

It’s my second official week of a ten week internship with TDPRD and event season is in full swing! But before I tell you all about that, I want to introduce myself. My name is Tori Simpson and I’m a student at Cal Poly SLO. This internship is serving as my last quarter of school and once it’s completed, I will have my degree in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration! Fortunately, I could choose anywhere to do this internship so I decided to move back to Truckee because well, what better place to learn about and experience recreation than here? 

Every other week I’ll be checking in to talk about my experience as an intern with the district. I will do little bit of everything so that should keep things interesting! So far, I’ve been focused on helping with marketing, events, the Elementary Swim program and general recreation management.  


When it comes to the events and marketing side of things, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many posters and flyers in one place and it’s my job to help get them out into the community. You’ve probably heard of the three events I mentioned initially; they are well established in our small town. In fact, it’s the 37th annual Ski Swap--which is crazy to me because that means it’s been around longer than I have. Truckee may be a small town, but I’m learning that getting people to come to a new event is harder than it seems. 


We’ve started hosting a Weekly Movie Night at the Community Arts Center (formerly known as “the old rec center”) that continues through October. It’s called Snow Stoke and is about getting people pumped for the upcoming ski season, which will hopefully be a big– but not too big– year. It’s an awesome event and one would think it would take hold in a mountain town. This is the first year for this movie series and although many flyers have been posted, thousands of emails have been sent and multiple social media posts have been posted– the turnout for the first night of this event was less than successful. Despite this, we’re not giving up and it will be a fun challenge to learn from the marketing manager about how to turn a new event into a success. 


My biggest project so far is the Elementary Swim Program. This is an awesome program that’s been going on for years and has helped many children learn how to swim and to love the water. I’m in charge of coordinating the entire program, so it’s safe to say I’m a little bit nervous. I’m really excited to be a part of it and am definitely going to give it my all so stay tuned to find out how I do.

Thanks for reading!