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Feb 23

Playing for a Living at the TDRPD Ice Rink

Posted on February 23, 2023 at 9:22 AM by Lily Munsee

P1440646This week was my first week as the Marketing Specialist for TDRPD, which mostly consisted of going to the multitude of TDRPD events constantly happening. I got to see a wide variety of art classes with Ceramics, Boho Beatnik, and Art Scapes in the Community Arts Building. I visited Aqua Fit, where the whole class informed me that next time I better bring my swimsuit and join them, as well as some of our other adult sports programs like Basketball, Ai Chi, and Chair Yoga. Another place I was encouraged to visit was our Ice Rink, so I gathered a group of friends, and we embarked on Truckee River Regional Park. 

When we got there, we were welcomed by staff, given rentals, and set out onto the ice. Something had possessed me to think I could simultaneously take photos and ice skate, despite not ice skating for 10 years, nor ever being particularly good at it. I was immediately made aware that I was much too confident in my coordination as I stiffly shuffled from one railing to the other, clutching my camera with a deadly grip. Once I got my sea legs under me though, it was a blast. We skated in circles around the edge as groups of children played tag around us, and parents warmed themselves around the fire pit. Once we got cold (and I couldn’t feel my fingers from taking too many pictures), we got some delicious hot chocolate and took a breather at the picnic tables before heading back out and skating a couple more laps under the string lights. 

The Ice Rink is located at Truckee River Regional Park, and in addition to public ice skating, it hosts youth hockey, adult hockey, and kids programs. They have had some record breaking days, such as during the holiday weekend. When I inquired about the high snow year and if it has affected the Ice P1440093Rink, Assistant Sport Program Coordinator, Caroline Bechdolt and Sports Senior Coordinator, Angelo Tenorio did admit they have had some challenges from the weather in the form of equipment breaking and massive amounts of snow to shovel. Despite the struggles with the weather, one of Tenorio’s favorite moments of the season came out of one of those storms.

“There was one day where there was super heavy snow and we had maintenance staff out there,” said Tenorio. “Sven (our newly appointed General Manager) showed up and he was helping shovel the roof of the warming hut and the office. It was 3 or 4 of our staff out there so it was a team effort to clear the snow. And I think we had 4 feet of snow inside the rink so it had to be something that the whole team did together.”

It is moments like this that make TDRPD special. All in all, I felt extremely lucky to be able to call this experience work, and really felt the meaning of TDRPD’s hiring slogan #PlayForALiving. If you haven’t checked out the Ice Rink yet, make sure to get out there before it closes for the season on 3/6!P1440909