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May 26

Waitlist Anyone?

Posted to Amanda's Angle by Kyle Jost

You know the feeling.  Sweaty palms, heart racing, intense focus on the clock.  You have your hand over the mouse, feverishly adding items to cart and purchasing as quickly as you can in fear it will sell out right in front of your eyes.  Last time I experienced this it was for a premium camping site over spring break on the California coast.  The time before that it was for Sturgill Simpson tickets.  But yesterday, it was for summer camp.  

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May 03

A Salute to #MountainForward Mamas

Posted to Kristin's Kinders by Kyle Jost

On the eve of Mother’s Day weekend, I think it only fitting to acknowledge and honor our local mountain mamas and all they’ve endured throughout this crazy year. Reflecting back on my own mama tribe, as well as the Truckee Mama tribe as a whole, I am proud to consider myself among this group of women. No school? Fine, we’ll create a pod. Work from home, they said? Sure, these mountain mamas said, let me get my child started on this Zoom call, on my hip, in the crib for a nap, etc., and then I’ll power through what needs to be done.

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May 12

He's the Man(inkin)

Posted to Pete in the Park by Kyle Jost

California labor laws are notoriously tricky to navigate.  We have a great Human ResourcesDepartment but new legislation like AB5 can really challenge us to remain a nimble, productive organization.  We must be creative with staffing solutions while still following the law. How do find employees willing to work at all hours for little to no pay?  How do you train staff to make rescues in the water and improve CPR and First Aid training without adding more paid employees?  You hire “Caleb”*.  

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May 21

The Four Months Without an "R"

Posted to Sven Serves It Up by Kyle Jost

For all the good things the 8 months with an “R” in their name bring us, the past eight months have been tougher than most years as COVID restrictions and fears have controlled many parts of our lives.  Which make the arrival of May, June, July and August that much sweeter in 2021.  With these months comes the warmer weather that make being outdoors so much more enjoyable.  The sounds of summer are music to my ears, and they’ve already started in small doses.  So far this month (May) we’ve seen youth sports return to the ball fields – Little League, Tribe Lacrosse and TRUFC Soccer. 

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May 11

Access Family Schedule

Posted to Tech Tips by Kyle Jost

WARNING: Only days until summer registration opens on May 24th for Truckee residents!!  How time flies!  While the excitement of getting ourselves and kiddos enrolled into Adventure Camp, swim lessons and Art Camp will be a whirlwind of a morning, remembering who needs to be where and what we actually signed up for gets forgotten by the time camp starts. 

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