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Oct 07


Posted to Amanda's Angle by Kyle Jost

Victory, victory, ooooh victory!  Now that the stage is set, I want to change it around a bit.  Instead, I’m picturing myself and our TDRPD team cheering away-but we are cheering a different chant to a different audience.  Our audience is the community, the kids and families that call this place home.  Our chant sounds like this: B-U-R-N-O-U-T

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Jun 14

Happiness for a Lifetime

Posted to Kristin's Kinders by Kyle Jost

“If you want happiness for an hour — take a nap. 
If you want happiness for a day — go fishing. 
If you want happiness for a year — inherit a fortune.
If you want happiness for a lifetime — help someone else.” 
Chinese Proverb   

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May 12

He's the Man(inkin)

Posted to Pete in the Park by Kyle Jost

California labor laws are notoriously tricky to navigate.  We have a great Human ResourcesDepartment but new legislation like AB5 can really challenge us to remain a nimble, productive organization.  We must be creative with staffing solutions while still following the law. How do find employees willing to work at all hours for little to no pay?  How do you train staff to make rescues in the water and improve CPR and First Aid training without adding more paid employees?  You hire “Caleb”*.  

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Sep 03

Recess is for Adults Too

Posted to Sven Serves It Up by Kyle Jost

Notice that the first three letters of the word “recess” are R-E-C, as in short for “recreation”, “recreate”, or “recover”?  I’m not sure of the phonetic or linguistic connection, but I know there is one; it’s not a coincidence.  At the core of recreation is the basic human need to stop working and managing stressful responsibilities and instead turn our time to leisure activities that help us restore and recover our physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual, and energetic selves.

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May 11

Access Family Schedule

Posted to Tech Tips by Kyle Jost

WARNING: Only days until summer registration opens on May 24th for Truckee residents!!  How time flies!  While the excitement of getting ourselves and kiddos enrolled into Adventure Camp, swim lessons and Art Camp will be a whirlwind of a morning, remembering who needs to be where and what we actually signed up for gets forgotten by the time camp starts. 

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