At-Home Swimming Lessons For Little Ones


Lessons 2

1. Getting your child’s face wet during their bath/shower will help their comfort level and familiarity with the water.  More confident little ones can dunk their whole face into the water. Practice wearing those goggles!  Search underwater for favorite bath toys!  They can be the mermaid or shark searching for buried treasure!

2. Practicing blowing bubbles into the water! (Use motorboats or humming into the water)

The Motor Boat Song (modified for the bathtub)

Motorboat, motorboat, go so slow! (blow small bubbles/low-pitched humming noise)

Motorboat, motorboat, go so fast! (blow big bubbles/make high-pitched humming noise)

Motorboat, motorboat, step on the gas! (blow bubbles fast & wiggle)

3. Have your child lay back in the bathtub (with help) and practice submerging their ears (shallow water).

4. Do your back floats in the tub! (deeper water, toes underwater, ears underwater, and belly up)

5. Doing straight-legged kicks (on land) is a great way to work on muscle memory. Lay down on belly and kick — try to keep knees off the floor while keeping straight legs, long ankles & toes.  Go slowly at first to ensure correct form: raise up first the right leg, then the left leg without bending the knees. Parents can make it a fun game by putting a hand there for your child’s feet to hit as they go higher and higher.

6. Older and more advanced kids can also work on side breathing! (blow bubbles in the water & turn your head and get your ear wet) Repeat.  Say, “talk to fishies, listen to fishies.” 

7. Big arm Scoopers (on land) while standing or walking.  Use windmill arms: Start with the right arm, swing it straight back, then straight up pressed up against the ear, then extend straight out in front to pull it down again to the starting position.  Repeat with the left arm.  Arms are stretched, reaching all the way forward and back, in big, giant circles.  Keep those little fingers and hands in “spoon” formations, ready to “grab” or “scoop” the “water.